"One thing is for certain, this quarantine has taught me how to sit and deal with myself. I’ve seen the power of my habits and how they can heavily influence and determine the course of my life. I have had to acknowledge my flaws that were very easy to hide when I was around other people. You know the ones that hiccup and rear their ugly head on occasion, but not often enough for them to be a red flag for us to address? Yes, those ones."

Our Blog Contributor, Joy Boka, shares how the 2020 quarantine taught her to be content with both her strengths and flaws. Read on to hear her #NewNormal!

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"When I find a good thing, a good show, a good album, a good friend, a good hairstyle, I typically stick with it for a very long time. I thrive with routines and structure and so as you can imagine, 2020 was a very difficult year for me."

Our Blog Manager, Tofunmi Akinlalu, shares the story of her big chop and how she is learning to embrace change. Read on to hear her journey!

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